July 2014

July 2014 was one for the record books at the St. Iakovos Retreat Center! Despite the many weather related challenges work continued on the job and much progress was made. Throughout the entire property exterior site lighting was placed as well as the final grade of the construction area. Literally “paving” the way for the installation of Asphalt and landscaping which will start in August. Also in the month of July the two Cottage buildings really began to take shape; the exterior decks, ceiling and details were nearly complete while the interior wood paneling and drywall was hung. Fixtures, paints and flooring are soon to follow in what has affectionately become known as “Cottage Village”. In addition to the Cottages, the Main Lodge also had a flurry of progress throughout mid summer. Much effort was focused on finishing the exterior of the building; siding, north and south staircases, installation of the commercial HVAC units as well as the Heavy Timber Douglas Fir Carport. With all the progress on the exterior of the building, the interior was not neglected! Work continued on the lower level kitchen and cafeteria area while drywall was hung throughout the main and upper floors. Simultaneously with the dry wall, the paint prep (taping and plastering) took place, making the building ready for the final details. Over the end of summer and the beginning of fall efforts will be focused on finishing the heaving construction making it ready for the installation of the final details.