May 2014

Christ is Risen!

Hello friends of the Saint Iakovos Retreat Center!  I hope you enjoy these updated photos from this project.  We have gone through several layers of state inspections and have been given clearance to insulate and drywall in the cabins.  That work has commenced.  Within the next 10 days we should have the same authorization from the state and we will commence with the insulating and drywall of the main lodge.  Already so much work has taken place.  In spite of the rain and mud, the work progresses.  Stay tuned for more photographs of the progress on both the exterior and the interior!


Ceiling Detail

Ceiling Detail

Many mechanical lines and equipment must be coordinated in order to maintain maximum ceiling height in the lower level. Electrical conduit, insulated HVAC runs, copper water supply, orange pvc fire sprinkler lines. Good job by our team of contractors.